Be Strong, Not Tired: Revolutionise Your Fitness Journey After 40

Personal Training Melbourne residents in their 40’s will get strong and trust Prime40 to improve their quality of life helping them reach their Strength, Movement and Health related goals. We do this by focusing on building strength, improving orthopaedic health, and increasing your day-to-day energy levels.

Personal trainers in Melbourne CBD’s Prime40 only use tried and true proven methods which are sustainable, and goal focused, respecting both your time and longevity.

Get back to doing the things you love doing and see for yourself the Prime40 difference as we are the specialists in over 40’s fitness.

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You will become strong and change your life.

Aging doesn’t have to mean the loss of muscle, bone and mobility. Do you fear losing your independence? Have you thought about it? At Prime40’s Personal training Studio in Melbourne’s CBD we help people in their 40’s and 50’s reach their goals with our industry first PT on Demand and Be Strong, Not Tired program using safe, effective exercises and smart programming. The results are more strength, greater mobility, more endurance, improved balance, and a better quality of life.

All our Strength and Conditioning trainers have valuable coaching experience. You won’t be coached by a 20’s something who has little life and training experience.

You also won’t find any quick fixes, band-aid solutions or one size fits all programs at Prime40. We focus solely on long-term solutions based on your individual needs that will benefit your longevity and quality of life.

Say no to short term fitness trends and fads and do it right. Book a free consultation and see for yourself the Prime40 difference.

Semi-Private Fitness and Personal Training


S.P.T is where you and up to 3 others will be taken through your personalised session by a fully qualified and experienced Prime40 fitness trainer in our private personal training studio.

These sessions are strictly limited to a maximum of four people per session – with no shared equipment and your own dedicated space.

You’ll get all of the benefits of 1-1 training, only you’ll be with a small group of similarly matched individuals working alongside you towards their plans.

Under the watchful eye of your Prime40 strength and conditioning trainer, you’ll still be working to your own personalised strength program, but you’ll get the added benefit of the group energy as well as the friendly camaraderie that comes along with it – and at a fraction of the cost of personal 1 on 1 training too.

This is where the basis of the Be Strong, Not Tired program resides.

Membership to this program is capped and only limited spots are available.

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Strength and Conditioning Trainers

with a Difference

It’s become common to see strength and conditioning as an activity where your trainer ‘smashes’ you. This is not the case.

True strength and conditioning is about helping you strengthen the muscle, heart and mind.

Prime40 are your partner in all things health, fitness, and quality of life. We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of your life.  Whether you choose to see us morning, noon, afternoon or evening, we’re ready and keen to help you stay fit, feel great, and achieve your goals. No matter how big or small.

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One on One Personal Training

for Busy Professionals

Our clients include some of Melbourne’s most esteemed busy professionals including Lawyers, Barristers, Doctors, Surgeons, Accountants, as well as private Business Owners who frequently travel.

All of our training programs are created to help those with limited time obtain (and maintain) the highest level of health, strength, energy and movement results possible – without taking away from their careers.

Because we understand fitness is part of your life, but not your entire life.

Learn more about how we can help you today.

Personal Training

– With a Long Term Focus

What Other Benefits Can a Personal Trainer Bring To Your Life?

Let Prime40 help get you back on track via our personal training services in Melbourne.
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Top 5 Mistakes Those In Their 40’s Make With Fitness

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We’re specialists in 40’s and over fitness
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Everything we do is designed to help you eliminate ongoing back pain, boost energy, gain strength, increase mobility, and remove niggles…so you can move your body like you’re supposed to. From our personalised programming to our in-depth coaching on the studio floor – we’ve got you covered. Now that you’re in your 40’s, it’s time to start thinking differently about your health. We’ll help you every step of the way – no matter what starting point.

Let’s make this a change for good!

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