The Untold Skill You Develop Through Strength Training

Personal Training Pull Ups

How many times have you restarted some form of workout routine? Continuing to always be in that start-stop mode, repeatedly starting that program over and over?

Or have you stuck with a more traditional exercise path, but find the motivation always wears thin before you ever see any meaningful results?

Have you ever trained with the intention to challenge yourself? To see how physically and mentallly strong you are? Or do you find yourself simply going through the motions?

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

The honest truth is, most people today lack self-discipline. This is not an opinion of mine. It’s the most common roadblock I am told by prospective clients as to why results are so hard to achieve.

What I believe the biggest untold benefit to strength training is it unconsciously develops self-discipline.

Self-Discipline is one of the key principles of success. Not just in your personal training, but in your life. It’s the ability to do something regardless of how you feel on the day, what your body tells you and when you are supposed to do it.

People who want results in their lives have no choice but to be disciplined. There is no room for laziness and procrastination. Strength training is no exception.

Every session builds on the last. Therefore you must turn up to keep progressing.

When you start telling your body what it must do rather than how shitty, tired or unfit you feel, your body responds by adapting. Not only in the gym, but outside as well.

This is how a strong body equates to a strong mind. The discipline learned and earned from strength training quickly leads to a domino effect on all other areas of life.

Strength training is the ultimate in ‘you get out what you put in’. There are no shortcuts. No fads. No quick fixes.

Everything you do needs to be earned.

We are now in a society where we have an attention span of a goldfish. Many people want quick and easy, because…’s quick and easy. Nothing good comes first without work. And during a heavy set of 5…those 45 seconds can be hard work.

It forces you to focus.

If you don’t know how to focus, those 5 repetitions will be a difficult 45 seconds.

So you learn to focus, because the necessary focus to finish it must be developed, along with the physical strength the work demands.

So the two develop together, because they must.

Focus and discipline go hand in hand.

It’s a mindset.

Like meditation, strength training develops focus and mental clarity – all distractions are left behind. Unlike meditation though, it increases physical strength. Physical strength that can be used in the most demanding sport of all….. life .

Makes you wonder why yogis aren’t getting under the bar (it’s hard work).

Without discipline, success in all areas of your life will continue to elude you. And you will never truly be satisfied. Because satisfaction comes from being able to finish what you start. This is what gives that tremendous sense of accomplishment and achievement making all those early mornings and tough workouts completely worth it.

If you are lacking self-discipline in your life and are looking for a way to develop mental toughness, look no further than strength training.

It’s something I can personally attest to. Looking back throughout the years, it still amazes me to this day how strength training has affected my discipline level and tangible results in all areas of my life.

In a world that is lacking discipline almost everywhere you turn, be the one who can start and finish something. Know within, that you are a FINISHER.

Creating discipline through strength will always be hard in the beginning, but the reward is priceless.

Are you ready to start?