One On One Personal Training

Prime40 are proud to offer you their premium one on one personal training services in Melbourne.

premium one on one personal training

With the track record to back up each of our promises, we are the preferred choice for driven and ambitious individuals seeking a reputable personal trainer in the Melbourne CBD and Inner North region.

What makes one-on-one personal training so different to say training in a group format?

The thing about most large group facilities is the fact that by nature, they allow many clients to fly under the radar. The trainer to trainee ratio is often 20:1. Which means each client stands to get at most, 5% of their trainer’s attention during the session (not allowing for the fact some trainees need more intersession attention than others).

Training with weights is serious. At Prime40, we prioritise (obsess) over your form and technique. Because it’s our job to keep you safe. This can only be done with a professional eye and strong attention to detail. Our one to one sessions give you exactly this.

Another consideration is many group format facilities tend to prioritise fun and loud music – while putting actual results secondary (or tertiary). While learning to enjoy exercise is definitely a consideration, you’re seeing (and paying) for a personal trainer

Why One-on-One Personal Training with Prime40?

While all Prime40 clients receive their own personalised strength-based programs, and customised nutritional plans built by our in house nutrition coach, regardless of whether they train one to one or in SPT , some clients value the additional exclusivity of our one on one sessions. This is where the entire focus, energy, and attention is on you.

The type of individuals who generally opt for our one to one’s are those who would like the additional accountability and support, privacy, are rehabilitating from an injury, or simply those who would like the increased flexibility of training at the times that most suit their schedule.

What should I look for when hiring a one on one personal trainer?

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