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A quiet revolution is transforming the way we think about health and fitness in the middle-aged adult. It’s changing our concept of what aging is, how it should be approached, and how it’s worst effects can be offset by proper exercise and a shift in lifestyle choices.

Recent research has turned old assumptions about exercise in adults inside-out.

We’ve always known that exercise is important for health. But there are certain ways about the type of intensity and movement that can be tolerated that will best promote healthy aging in adults.

Strength and Conditioning Training is becoming more and more popular as an exercise prescription to combat aging. This is not anything new to those within the industry. But a growing body of published research shows that Strength training is the most important form of exercise for those in their 40’s and beyond. Even the Australian Department of Health recommends at least 2 days of muscle strengthening activities each week.

As we grow older, it’s harder to hang on to muscle and bone. Loss of muscle tissue increases fragility, insulin resistance, chronic pain, and susceptibility to injury and disease.

We think that’s unacceptable.

When it comes to exercise medicine, nothing comes close to strength training for safety, dosing, sustainability, simplicity, and effectiveness.

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A boutique Personal Training Studio with a fresh and progressive approach to post-rehabilitation, goal-oriented, and functional training. Our cutting-edge open style studio provides the ultimate environment to achieve your personal fitness and quality of life goals.

With a heavy focus on strength and conditioning, there is a growing recognition of the importance of strength in health, performance, everyday functioning, mobility, and injury prevention.

The impact is arguably most profound for those in middle age and beyond for those who want to continue doing the physical things they love doing – surfing, dancing, running, cycling, skiing etc.

Strength training can slow, arrest or even reverse the degenerative effects of aging: loss of muscle and strength, brittle bones, floppy ligaments, dysfunctional joints, and the decline of mobility and balance. But ultimately the loss of your independence as you begin to rely on others.

Instead of losing lean mass and replacing it with fat, having a Strength and Conditioning trainer will allow you to not only retain, but add lean, healthy and functioning muscle.

As with your retirement savings, the benefits are greatest for those who start early and keep at it.

Come and discover for yourself the Prime40 difference and see how our program will change the way you see fitness.


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