Personal Training on Demand

Prime40 offers premium small group personal training services in Melbourne.

What is PT on Demand personal training and
how can it help you achieve results?

Traditionally, personal training has been delivered in a one-to-one format with a trainer, and the client alone. Over time, however, many have seen the benefits of still working with a trainer, but doing so alongside a small group of individuals (no more than 4 in total) with the flexibility of being able to choose to train whenever it suits you..

Why it works

Capped Size Groups

Our semi-private groups are strictly capped at no more than 4 people. You will also get your own individual space (zero equipment sharing) which is both hygienic and time-efficient. Instead of wasting time switching around weight plates, or waiting for equipment, you can focus on what you’re here to do – get strong.

Individualised Experience
– Group Dynamic

In 1-1 personal training, there can be a lot of downtime between sets and rest periods. Small group training, however, does not allow for this. Many people are able to access higher levels of performance when working in a group. You may also enjoy the additional push – along with a little healthy competition and banter when working alongside someone of similarly matched skills, training experience and abilities.

You Still Get All of the Extras

As a Prime40 small group training client, you’ll still receive a custom program, an injury prevention, and mobility plan, a personalised nutrition plan, an on the road (or at home) workout plan, as well as all of the personal guidance and coaching support that all of our client’s experience – meaning you can achieve the best result possible, no matter which training path you choose.

What is better…
1-1 training or Small Group Training?

This really is a personal decision. 1-1 can be an excellent choice if you have a very specific goal you’d like to achieve in a very specific time frame. However, our small group training programs cater to those of all experience levels and strength goals – and do so with the added benefit of being surrounded by individuals on a similar path to you. You’ll still get all of your own customisation (program, nutrition plan, mobility plan) but with the additional boost of a group environment. Small group training factors in your personal preferences, schedule, exercise history and what you’d like to achieve and then matches that with similar individuals so you’re positively challenged.

Let’s make this a change for good!

To discuss whether becoming a small group personal training client in our private Melbourne studio is for you, simply contact us to apply for your free consultation, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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