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Prime40 are the trusted choice for driven individuals living or working in Inner Melbourne who are seeking high quality, no-nonsense personal training that guarantees results.

7 Reasons to Choose Prime40
As Your Personal Trainer in Melbourne

As your team of fitness experts specialising in helping those in their 40’s gain strength, boost daily energy, rehab old injuries and improve sleep, we’re here to help you get back on track with your health.

What our clients say

“The best choice I have made in 2019 is to join Hamilton Fitness. Kane is really caring. He is professional and knowledgeable. He really knows what you want and what you need. He makes a personalised plan for you in different stages.
He is more than a personal trainer, but a life mentor. He encourages you and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. And what is most important, the result is great by following his plans!! My back pain gone!!!!!! I feel pumped every day!! I strongly recommend this place. It is a must-try if you want to start training but don’t know where to start. And you will definitely find a lot of energy here.”


“One of my best choices in 2019 was to go to Kane for training. I appreciate his holistic approach in getting my body back to training mode gradually and not rush it. Now almost six months in, I definitely feel better, think better and look better.
I feel that Kane genuinely cares for us clients and keeps us in check whenever needed. I would recommend Kane wholeheartedly!”


I’ve always struggled with constant neck and back pain from sitting long hours and improper form, however, Kane has enabled me to take charge of the problem; not with temporary solutions but ones that really address the root of my problems, where I can clearly see long-term improvements, especially in areas of pain reduction, posture and increased range of motion.
If anyone is looking for sheer dedication and help with their journey towards a better self, I would highly recommend Hamilton Fitness.”


Meet the Team

Kane Hamilton

Kane is the head coach and owner at Prime40. Being in his 40’s, while also raising a young family and running a business, Kane understands the challenges faced with time and energy when it comes to your health – which is why he created the Be Strong, Not Tired program.

Having almost 30 years of training experience, he has never followed any fitness or diet fad, believing instead that consistency is king. This is the hallmark of the Be Strong, Not Tired program, and the backbone of the entire Prime40 movement.

A keen teacher, Kane loves helping motivated (yet potentially overwhelmed) individuals adopt a back to basics, integrative approach to their health and fitness, so they can take back control and reach their goals in and outside the gym.

Kane is also a columnist for Melbourne’s Inner City News publication writing all things health & Fitness.

Kane’s Qualifications

  • Cert 3&4 in Fitness
  • ISSA Elite Trainer
  • ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
  • ISSA Strength & Conditioning
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Kinetic Link Trainer Level 1
  • Movement Restoration Coach (MRC) Level 3
  • Breathe Diploma of Clinical Pilates
  • Breathe Cert 4 in Pilates


Specialist in:

  • Men’s Health
  • Strength
  • Post Rehabilitation


Meet Shaneal, the Studio Manager and Head of Culture at Prime40. Shaneal’s an inspiration to us all, having overcome a difficult childhood marred by asthma, body image issues, and zero fitness. But instead of giving up, he took charge of his life and decided to make a change.

After leaving high school, Shaneal delved deep into the humbling art of training, constantly pushing himself to learn not only about the body, but the mind and spirit as well. His journey has taken him from being a PADI Divemaster and First Aid Instructor to a Junior Teacher at Sri KDU International School.

Shaneal’s has a love for communication, where he performs as an emcee at weddings and charity galas, and is proficient in 5 languages. But it’s in the fitness industry where Shaneal has truly found his calling.

Shaneal’s training philosophy is built around helping people find meaning in what they do, making it an integral mechanism that pushes them forward in a world plagued by distractions. His drive for Health and wellness is infectious and he’s committed to ensuring that his clients reach their full potential.

When he’s not training members (or himself), you can find Shaneal planning hiking trips, experimenting with recipes, practicing his piano and guitar, and is constantly learning about the world we inhabit. After all, those who stop learning stagnate in their pursuit of greater things.

Shaneal’s Qualifications

  • Cert 3&4 in Fitness
  • Kinetic Link Trainer Level 1
  • Movement Restoration Coach (MRC) Level 3
  • Master Functional Trainer
  • Pain-free Performance Specialist

Specialist in:

  • Overcoming aches & pains
  • Hypertrophy
  • Fat Loss

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