Personal Training Carlton

If you’re seeking a personal trainer in Carlton, Prime40 is the best logical choice. We’re a high-quality team of personal trainers in Carlton, utilising a ‘results first, excuses later’ attitude with our clients that continue to provide measurable results.

You only get one body – it’s our goal to make sure that one is enough. Let Prime40 help you prioritise you and your strength, so you can feel like yourself again.

Many trainers ( old and new) claim they can help you get strong and healthy but are still using outdated, poorly structured methods that address your presented symptoms only. Our structured, effective, and strength-focused programs are custom designed for each individual to hit the core underlying issue, before giving your joints, muscles, and heart what they truly need to operate how they were supposed to.

We’re a private appointment only studio in Carlton that has been successfully helping individuals get stronger, live longer, and avoid the chronic aches, pains & injuries many Australians experience on a regular basis.

We’re just a short walk from Lygon street (~ three minutes) and with plenty of 2-hour street parking, you’ll never have to struggle to find a park close by. Some of our clients also drop in on their way to work and use our bathroom facilities before or after their session.

If you’ve been living with poor habits, a lack of accountability, or without a structured plan for your health long term, this is your opportunity to change for good. And we’d love to help you.

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