Personal Training Clifton Hill

Are you seeking a reputable, outcome-based personal trainer in Clifton Hill and the surrounding suburbs? Prime40 is your team.

Located just 11 minutes drive from the centre of Clifton Hill, Prime40 are the experts in over 40’s training, dedicated to helping you get strong, fit, and confident – no matter what starting point.

A lot of people who look for, or even hire, a personal trainer in Clifton Hill and the local area, can easily be intimidated by the latest flashy advertisements or put off by the culture.

One of the biggest obstacles stopping people from using the gym consistently is feeling comfortable in the facility they choose. Prime40 never wanted that to get in the way. So here are just a few of the ways we stand out, and why you might consider us in your journey:

Ego Free

We like to keep things simple. From the outset, we’ve had the vision to create an environment we’d personally love to train in. We’ll trust that our “No Dickheads” rule needs no further explanation here.

Bigger is not Better. Better is Better.

Every client must first come through an application process, designed to ensure culture fit and suitability. This keeps quality high, and certainty that we will surround you with people who will drag you up, not the other way around.

Strength as a Vehicle

We know hitting the gym isn’t your ultimate end goal – it’s simply the means to an end. We’ll sit down with you at regular intervals to check-in and make sure we’re hitting the targets we set out to, and adjust them as necessary, so you can be confident we’re on track to hit the goals that are most important to you.

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