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If you’re looking for an outcome-based personal trainer in Collingwood, we’re your team. Prime40 are the experts in helping driven individuals in their 40’s get strong, regain energy and eliminate ongoing body aches and pains

Located just 10 minutes drive from the heart of Collingwood, Prime40 is a privately operated studio based in Carlton, and ready to serve you.

You may or may not have worked with a personal trainer before. Either way, we wanted to share some information about what a personal trainer can do for you, and then exactly what you want to be looking for when selecting your own personal trainer in Collingwood and the surrounding suburbs.

What can a personal trainer help me with?

Getting strong, boosting energy, and regaining momentum in your fitness journey

Retaining your body to move the way it was intended (pain-free)

Removing muscular aches and pains due to structural imbalances and poor movement patterns

Building muscle the intelligent way with progression (no crash diets or band-aid fixes)

Providing a customised strength program that allows you to see long term progression

Increasing your self-esteem, confidence and overall sense of self

What are some of the things I should be looking for in a reputable personal trainer?

They offer a free consultation to see exactly what you’re after before asking for your’ commitment

They take the time to get to know who you are, and most importantly why you want to change

They share plenty of past and present clients’ success stories, as well as offer you the opportunity to speak directly with those who’ve experienced the services first hand

They take a long term, sustainable approach to helping you achieve your fitness goals

They don’t sugar coat their answers when asked a question


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