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For those seeking a reputable, results-focused personal trainer in Docklands and Inner Melbourne area, Prime 40 are the logical choice for driven individuals keen to get moving again.

If you live or work in the Docklands area, you’ll love our private and exclusive personal training studio based in Carlton, just 12 minutes drive away. It’s where we help train individuals who want to get strong, increase their confidence, and feel like they’re back in control of their bodies.

The truth is, many of those who are looking to hire a personal trainer in Docklands, or the surrounding suburbs struggle with a variety of issues. We’ve compiled two of the top challenges many in their 40’s find below, so you can benchmark yourself against them, and possibly pick up a few new tips:

Challenge 1: Finding the time within an already busy schedule

Whether you work a 9 to 5 or own your own business (we have clients on all ends of the spectrum), one thing is for sure: if you don’t make time for fitness, you’re eventually going to have to make time for illness. Prevention is far better than a cure. And at Prime40 it’s our job to help you get moving, feel stronger, and break free of any recurring injuries or pain. Our well-structured sessions, intelligently built programming, and custom nutrition plans, assist in doing exactly that. So rather than feeling like your fitness takes time away from you, you’ll begin to fully appreciate the energy, time and health it gives you back.

Challenge 2: Getting started

It’s said motivation gets you started, but discipline will keep you going. Both are true. In order to start, however, we need to be able to find (and harness) enough emotional leverage upon ourselves. Let us help you uncover your why, so you can rely less on always needing ‘motivation’, and can instead draw upon something much more meaningful. It could be your kids, your partner, or simply re-looking at how you see yourself. Either way, the more we can tap into this inner drive, the more you increase your certainty that this time, it’s a change for good.

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