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Looking for a personal trainer in East Melbourne and the inner CBD area that prioritises results, not just promises?


We are a private, application-only personal training studio located under 10 minutes drive from East Melbourne, and would love to help.

Prime40 are the experts in forty and over fitness, prioritising long term health, structural balance, individualised strength training, and building stronger humans.

Before you choose us, however, we’ve put together a checklist to help you understand the 5 most important elements of how a professional personal trainer should be putting your training program together. This way you can make the best and most educated decision for you and your needs:

It’s personalised

All bodies are different. Before building your program, a great trainer will take your training history, activity levels, joint health, old/current injuries, personal preferences, and time you have each week for strength training into consideration.

It’s about the long game

Your trainer must be thinking in terms of how your body will be feeling (and moving) in the years to come, not just over the next 4-12 weeks. If they cannot explain how their current choices fit into the overall picture 3-5 years down the track, keep looking.

It accounts for lifestyle and exercise preferences

Not everyone wants to spend six days a week in the gym, or count their calories. A great trainer will put their own training preferences on hold, and find the perfect balance between what you want, and what you need.

It includes mobility work

All good programs should include at least 10 minutes of mobilisation work before your session starts. This ensures the right muscles are firing providing you with both maximum results from every session while reducing the chances of injury too..

It focuses on measurable progression

Don’t let time pass you by without ensuring your hard work is paying off. Every 4-6 weeks, your trainer should be sitting down with you to help you see the progress you’ve made, before making any necessary changes to ensure your progress can continue.

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