Personal Training Fitzroy

If you’d like to work with a personal trainer in Fitzroy to see real, lasting progress with your strength and fitness, Prime40 are ready, willing, and excited to help (and we’re just around the corner).

Located in Hyam Pl, Carlton, just 15 minutes walk from Fitroy’s heart, Prime40 are re-inventing how those in, or approaching, their 40’s train, eat and build real strength.

Turning traditional fitness standards inside out (like training until you puke, or no carbs after 12), we’re here to help you see through the noise, and take an intelligent, integrative and well-structured approach to your training.

Here’s how we do it different:

Behaviour Shifts For Real Change

There is no point giving you a plan that’s so rigid that you’re never going to stick to it. We’re here to work with you, to give a mixture of both what you want, and what you need to hit your individual goals. This gives us the best chance of lasting success with your body, training, and nutritional behaviours. Together, let’s make it a change for good.

Setting you up for the long term

While many trainers still prescribe crash diets with workouts that do nothing other than wear you into the ground, Prime40 have the experience, expertise and insight to know that those tricks only work in the (very) short term. Your program will be built with an intelligent, long term approach focused on progression, as well as your personalised nutrition protocol being set up and structured by our in house nutrition coach. Because this is what is required to make it a change for good. We say no to quick fixes, and so should you.

Train with Intent

While we enjoy the fun of training, when the set starts, it’s all business. During our sessions we help you maintain focus, so we can both be sure the right muscles are being worked, in the right ways. This prevents injuries, maximises your strength, and ensures consistent progress is being made each and every session. Plus, because you’ll also be tracking your workouts, you’ll not just notice the difference within, but you’ll see it in your numbers too.

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