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If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Flemington, or the surrounding suburbs, Prime40 are the Inner suburb’s leaders in helping you regain strength, control and commitment in your life.

Our private application only personal training studio is located just 15 minutes drive from Flemington and is dedicated to helping those in their 40’s feel the entire spectrum of benefits that come with strength training.

To assist in your journey, whether you hire us as your quality of life personal trainers near Flemington, or decide to make the changes on your own, we want to share with you two simple (yet result blocking) mistakes we see those in their 40’s making with their fitness routines, so you can avoid them, and make sure you stay on track:

Mistake #1 to Avoid: Working Out without a Plan

One of the latest fitness trends has become to join a group fitness studio, and perform cookie-cutter exercises for 45 minutes using preset weights, dangerous form, and random workouts strung together with no thoughts of progression, experience or lasting results. Yes, this takes the thinking out of exercise, but without a personalised plan based on progression, you only end up at the same place you started. As a client of Prime40, we aren’t here to wear you down, we’re here to build you up. All of our clients receive regularly updated custom-built programming (utilising inbuilt progression), as well as their personalised nutrition plan built via our professional in nutrition coach, plus much, much more.

Mistake #2 to Avoid: Using ‘Age-itis’ as an excuse

You’re only as old as you feel. Many in their 40’s are starting to see themselves as ‘getting on’ in life. They’re moving less and experiencing more pain. Is this due to ‘age’? Not at all. It’s due to a lack of movement. In order to have a strong, capable body, we need to get you moving in the way your body was designed. Age really is just a number.

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