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On the lookout for a personal trainer in Parkville? The team at Prime40 are located right next door in Carlton and are the experts in strength, health and fitness in the inner North and CBD area.


We have been training people in their 40’s professionally for 7 years, as well as over 3 decades of personal experience inside the industry. We know what it takes to help you prioritise your health, and would love the opportunity to do just that.

To get started, here are 12 little known benefits of utilising strength training in your 40’s:

1. Training with weights strengthens your bones, joints, muscle and ligaments.

2. Weights also train your cardiovascular system meaning you stop getting puffed doing the little things.

3. It helps with coordination, balance and muscular control – no more sitting down to put the socks on.

4. Sleep quality improves dramatically – science proves that just 20 minutes a day can alleviate restless nights and insomnia.

5. Posture and structural integrity return to normal because you begin moving your body in the ways it was meant to be moved.

6. Your heart health improves via increased work capacity. A strong heart = a strong you.

7. Dramatically increases mental health with the release of serotonin (the natural ‘happiness’ drug).

8. The benefits of weight training continue to take effect – for at least 24 hours post-workout.

9. Improves sex drive, natural testosterone (for men), and a feeling of confidence knowing you.

10. Significantly reduce the chances of chronic health illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and arthritis.

11. Confidence in your own abilities to perform physical tasks (no more sitting this one out) pain-free.

12. Get back into activities you love and enjoy (sports, dancing, exercising).

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