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On the lookout for a reputable, results-focused personal trainer in South Yarra and the surrounding suburbs? We’ve got you.

Prime40 are the experts in strength training for over 40’s and are now accepting applications into their private studio based just 14 minutes drive away in Carlton.

If you’ve been wanting to train with weights for some time, but have been waiting to find the right studio that prioritises real results, with genuine client care, and a no fluff attitude, Prime40 are here to help.

You may already know the benefits of strength training, or you may be brand new to it. Either way, each week, we receive a range of questions relating to this topic. Since training with free weights is the main way we help individuals who hire a personal trainer in South Yarra and surrounding areas get into the best shape of their lives, we wanted to share some answers with you here to help you make an objective decision and what to do next.

Why is strength training so superior in terms of overall health and longevity?

Provides lasting energy throughout the day

Boosts metabolism long after the session is over

Uplifts mood and feelings of self-confidence

Improves structural balance and integrity

Increases bone strength and density

Builds a strong, resilient mind

Enhances serotonin and dopamine production naturally

Helps you feel confident in your own skin

Reduces constant aches and pains

Reverses years of damage from poor postural and movement patterns

Much, much more


Can anyone enjoy the immense benefits of lifting weights?

Yes, absolutely. But first, it’s crucial you’re initially assessed for structural balance and current movement patterns. This reduces the chances of injury and ensures your program is built for your exact requirements. Prime40 conducts highly thorough movement assessments to see exactly where you’re at, and what the best approach is for your individual body.

Are all strength training programs created equal?

Unfortunately not. Many individuals have seen the rise in popularity of strength training in recent years and have adapted their business model to suit – without truly understanding the science or fundamentals of exactly how a long term personal training program is put together. Prime40 have not just been coaching individuals to optimal health since 2013 professionally, but every coach also has decades of personal experience under the barbell – meaning we’re not just subject matter experts, but also have the experience to back it up. Before making any decision, you’ll want to make sure the individual in charge of creating your program can say the same.

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