Personal Training West Melbourne

Prime40 are your outcome-based personal trainers near Melbourne’s West specialising in over 40’s strength training. We offer a tight menu of premium quality services from our private studio designed to help you gain strength, boost energy, rehab old injuries, and breakthrough plateaus.

We know choosing a personal trainer in West Melbourne (or anywhere for that matter) is a challenge, here’s a simple way to tell if your trainer is offering genuine services, or if they’re just in it for the money:

Good sign: They want to meet with you before any money is changed hands, to discuss your goals, history, injuries and schedule to make sure they can help you.
Bad sign: They state their hourly rate without asking what you’re after, or considering injuries, history, or training preferences.

Good sign: They voluntarily offer you the chance to speak with both current or past clients about their experience, and results.
Bad sign: You have to ask if you can speak with any existing/old clients – and even then, they’re reluctant or dismissive.

Good sign: They have an application process when bringing a client on board to make sure the culture and fit are right.
Bad sign: Come one, come all. Quantity > quality.

Good sign: Once contacted, they call you back promptly, address you by your first name, invite you in for a free consultation, before following up with an email containing any must-know details before your appointment.
Bad sign: Once contacted, they get back to you when they can, via sending you a generic email or SMS stating their hourly price and ask: “When would you like to get started”

Good sign: All clients are provided structure strength training programs, personalised nutrition protocols, and action plans. Because personal training needs to be personal.
Bad sign: All of their clients train like the trainer themselves. If the trainer likes curls, the client gets curls. If the trainer likes fish, guess what’s going to be in your diet?

Good sign: You don’t feel rushed at any stage, or that you’re just another number. You feel respected, informed, and educated about the process.
Bad sign: You get the “Get in, get out, quick quick” vibe telling you you’re not important.

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Prime40’s goal is to treat every client as they’d like to be treated. We adhere to every one of the ‘good signs’ above and challenge you to put us to the test. Reach out using the form, and allow us to prove it to you.

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