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How to Fix Skinny Fat (Part 3)

How to be Skinny Fat

There’s a million-dollar question that plagues skinny fat people everywhere. They know the type of physique they want, but how do they get there? If you want to be able to get the most physically out of your life, add muscle, lose stubborn fat, and own a body to keep performing at its best…. then […]

What Is Skinny Fat and Are You in Danger? (Part 1)

Skinny Fat

Are you someone who hasn’t worked out or lifted a weight in like…forever? Do you find yourself feeling light-headed after mild exercise? When 3pm comes, do sugar cravings play havoc with your everyday willpower? Can you do a single full depth push-up (nose touches floor), five if you’re Male? Yet when you look in the […]

The Untold Skill You Develop Through Strength Training

Personal Training Pull Ups

How many times have you restarted some form of workout routine? Continuing to always be in that start-stop mode, repeatedly starting that program over and over? Or have you stuck with a more traditional exercise path, but find the motivation always wears thin before you ever see any meaningful results? Have you ever trained with […]

Sitting is the New Smoking

Sitting smoking

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but in February of 2020 I gave a talk at a business lunch about the dangers of sitting which I believe is the 2nd biggest elephant in the room in society when it comes to public health. I assumed this is common knowledge. This can be a challenge […]

Why Woman Need to Train Strength in their 40’s

Woman Train Strength

I’d like to convince all women over 40 to begin strength training for weight loss/maintenance, and muscle toning. But first, you need to understand what strength means, how it would benefit you and why it is more important than cardio when it comes to body composition. I also want to mention that cardio plays an […]